Wednesday, July 19, 2006

la pauvre

I've never been there , I've never met anyone from lebanon
but nonetheless i fell in love with the idea of the place , of images
i like to think of the people there as being something akin to the glamorous parisenes of collettes novels .
tasteful , charming exquisite , but nontheless suffering an identity crisis (as is most of the middleeast)
perhaps these are merely the stupidities of an overly romantic adolscent
but its so unjust ,so unfair what is happening
why does an entire country have to pay for a few peoples mistakes .
this is eerily like what happened in the first world war
just for the death of one prince .... countries were engulfed in the madness of a war
but can one put an equation on human lives ?
are 8 israelis worth hundreds of lebanese ?
is the death of hassan nasrallah worth hundreds of israelis?
our so called leaders seem so terribly distant from us , goernments have become monolithic entities without souls just endlessly cranking out stastics .
this post isnt exactly coherent but i feel so terribly dazed and unbelieving
i cant believe that humanity is still this stupid
i cant believe we still think that the death of others is the solution to our problems
i refuse to believe it .
and i go on living , eating , reading , watching television
while girls like me are suffering
will i ever walk the streets of beirut?
really come to know lebanon
will i ever walk the streets of a peaceful israel and palestine ?
as most of humankind has for millenia
i can only dream of an ideal tommorrow

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