Monday, February 26, 2007

5 things you didnt know about me

everyones doing it , cereberous world tagged me so what the hey !

1- I'm a mythology buff , I know most of the major pantheons by heart and most of the main myths .
Iin fact hebe is the greek godess of youth and the bearer of the gods ambrosia which endows them with eternal youth , she was also one of the wives of hercules . its utterly pointless esoteric knowledge but i find it fascinating

2- I spent half of my childhood in Namibia , a small country in southern Africa , I learnt both swahili and afrikaans there ,however i can't remember much of either language !

3- I hate talking on the phone , i feel awkward and buffonish and hence tend to ramble on idiotically to cover my self conciousness

4- I am a secret "phan" of the phantom of the opera , ever since i saw the play in the west end in london, since then i have read the original novel by gaston leroux (as well as a few of the dozens of spinoffs ) and play the soundtrack constantly . my favorite song is " music of the night"

5- I played the violin for 7 years , then one day i realized i was horrifically crap at it and decided to spare innocent listeners from mutilated renderings of swan lake (which i was exceedingly fond of playing) I sometimes wonder if i should have just practised a little harder .

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

humans suck

yesterday as i was going down the 6th october bridge ,as usual its was packed as tight as a tin of sardines (unorignal metaphor i know i know) el mohem an ambulance was trying to pass through and not a single person budged .ok its crowded w kol haga but come on someone could be dying in there ! how callous can people get?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

dieting vs femnism

a very interesting article
its very strange how we instantnously equate attractive,well groomed women with frivolity and yet we don't with men . how the desire to be healthy and attractive is always deemed as an attempt to pander to men.I think societies as a whole tend to compartmentalize women if your one thing you cant possibly the other. its either bimbo or bluestocking which is ludicrous because real women are a lot more complicated than that .
.hmmm this makes me think of the women i see at the nutrtionist, the majority of which are veiled (though they are a various ages) I wonder why they diet ?

singletons half hearted chuckle

was IMing with an English friend about the miseries of valentines day when she sent me this rather amusing link
and people think the English are such prudes !

on my book wishlist

check out this preview of Norman mailers latest book
the book is an exploration of Adolf Hitlers childhood narrated by a devil in the guise of an ss man called dieter .
man if i could write like that i would curl up in a corner somewhere and die a satisfied woman
hohum ...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

a line im dying to put into one of my stories

its crude , its a little crass and so not like my usual writing style
i guess that why Im slightly obsessed with it

"life is a whore you want to fuck badly and she won't let you "

im being possessed by some awful character that is screaming to be written
ideas please !

some interesting installations

These pieces by two artists walter martin and paloma munoz .
I espeacially like the human candles . wouldn't it be rather strange if we aged like candles instead of your body starting to weaken , your flesh wrinkling and sagging
you melted gradually , everyday you'd wake up and see how much of you had melted away
till theres not enough wax to sustain the wick , the flame sputters and poof you're gone

man i weird myself out sometimes

it just doesn't cease

another terrible story
police rape
so much for el shorta f khedmat al sha3b .
what really pisses me off is why no-one went in to help the poor girl , naturally because they were afraid of the police . who the hell is supposed to protect us ?