Tuesday, February 06, 2007

it just doesn't cease

another terrible story
police rape
so much for el shorta f khedmat al sha3b .
what really pisses me off is why no-one went in to help the poor girl , naturally because they were afraid of the police . who the hell is supposed to protect us ?


tiantanghuhu said...

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Sou said...

Well, if you think that's bad...she [the victim] was paid to drop the charges. How's that for corruption?

Cerebrosus world said...

Well, i know some friend of mine who is police officer. he played a video that another police officer was beating a woman while he, my cop friend, was laughing !!!

U should remmber the demonstration that was damning America because some soldiers tortured Iraqi prisoners. Now do u see any demonstration condemning Egyptian police brutality?? here is we are HATE OTHERS AND SO PASSIVE WITH OURSELVES