Sunday, November 18, 2007

on the occassion of my 19th birthday

On this day of 18 november 2007, I mademoiselle HH also known as hebe , being of relatively sound mind(excepting several occassions of insanity and inerbriation which will be blogged about at yawn inducing length) hereby swear to henceforth cease being a lazy plop of a human being and start blogging with a little more consistency , this I do solemnly swear. cross my heart, scouts honor , honest injun etc etc

witnessed by a random fly I've decided to call nebuchadnezzar and my sleeping grandmother wh0 half the time doesn't know what I'm gibbering on about

they have not signed for somewhat obvious reasons



incidentally I have no idea how to pronounce nebuchadnezzar which does not please my witness one whit