Sunday, January 28, 2007

life for sale ....... literally

It's a crazy ass world .
check this dude out
its an amusing idea though ... don't think there would be too many takers if i were to auction my life.
wonder whats the return policy on lives?

a new matriarchy

I read about this a while ago , though I honestly can't remember where
the washington post has a good if old article about it
umoja womans village

stories like this give me hope , that long ingrained cultural misogyny doesnt have to fuck up your life .you may not be able to conquer it , to eradicate it but with bravery you can create a life for yourself , a full happy life and help other women too. I think its a wonderful model to help women in general espeacially women who have been abused by men and are in desperate need of somewhere to live .

a most interesting eid incident (late post)

as you can imagine eid is the most demoralizing time of year for a lonely vegeterian
and this one was no exception , i woke up early to study and consequently spent most of the morning trying to block out the frantic bleating of frightened sheep . anyhow the butcher comes up with our meat neatly organized into the one kilo bags + 0ur own portion which also contains various parts of sheeps innards , my grandma starts inspecting the contents of this bag of delights

Grandma : that thief he took the makhasy !

me : (puzzled by this intrigueing organ) whats the makhasy grandma ?

grandma : ummmm I don't know the word in english , ask your father

dad : its the testicles

me : whhhhhhaaaat ! surely you dont eat it

dad: i certainly dont!

grandma : its delicious . your great uncle S always makes sure that the butcher gives him the makhasy . he cries if he doesnt get it

yes apparently i have relatives who delight in the consumption of sheep testicles . an ingredient probably used by the witches in macbeth for auguring and cursing
it is a terrible thing to contemplate and i was too afraid to ask if they consider it as an aphrodisiac of some sort .
I also realised my arabic vocabulary is lacking in rather key anatomical terms which is an even worse thing to contemplate .
at any rate I don't think i can look at great uncle S again without sniggering

the hebe returneth

hullo me lovelies
why is it i feel so strangely obliged to apologize to all and sundry for not blogging in so long
its most peculiar but I do in all probability some clever philosophy student will write a terribly unreadable treatise on it someday "moral obligation and cyber space " or something of the sort
with an infinitely less comprehensible title
life has been quite dull for the past few months . just studying law , pigging out or sleeping
the regular apres exam routine .
however i will return to regular blogging now that I have become a lady of lesuire ( to a limited extent since im helping my mother run her shop )
Its a new year and a fully intend to become a better version of myself and hopefully this blog will also emerge from the crysallis if i may presume to use such an awful metaphor
a belated happy new year to everyone !