Saturday, December 16, 2006

we now interupt your regular blog for some advertising on my mothers behalf

yes i know i know i havent blogged in yonks but im now currently in pre exam hibernation and i kinda doubted anyone would find my study schedule particularly enthralling .
anyhows after an ardous time which consisted of a lot of nail biting on my part , a lot of whines from my father about our ensuing bankruptcy and my mother screaming endlessly at incomptent workers for months on end ........................
za hebe mama is opening a shop !!!!!
yes indeedy on the 22nd of december she is opening her utterly fabulous though somewhat tiny boutique "beads and threads "which sells lots of lovely handmade stuff all designed by my genius mother (with occassional assistance from yours truly) scarves , veils , shawls , bags , cushions tablecloths , wall hangings etc etc . its espeacially useful if you are a blushing bride and need stuff for your love nest or are picking up something up for someones wedding list
we are also going to provide a rather nifty service .which is customizing clothing , bags ,jeans (anything made of fabric really) with beading or embroidery . also my mum works mostly with charities so youll also be giving impoverished but very talented needlewomen a livelihood st

come check us out !

beads and threads 10 el messaha square , omarayet el masreyen , dokki
infront of safir hotel

our stuff is 100% handmade 100% egyptian 100% original