Saturday, April 28, 2007

in need of love ,cake and several gallons of ice cream

I don't know if anyone has noticed but i try to avoid atypical & quite frankly annoying adolscent whinging and whining on my blog , stuff like why oh why don't I have a boyfriend /acne free face / divine bod/ good grades etc etc ad nauesuem . but life has become somewhat overwhelming (as is the rather irritating wont of life) and if i cannot rant pathetically about the idiotic mundanties of my insignificant exsistence on my blog which is privy to complete strangers where can i possibly do it ? to friends , family ? but my rather elegant(bear my delusions) , confident pose would explode rather uncharmingly. so here goes , my first and hopefully last utterly idiotic hormone fueled rant about the silly things that have been niggling me
firstly , i am frankly quite sick of studying law , its starting to seem like an exercise in futility , just look at the state of this country , its exhausting and my proffessors for the most part are pompous, pretentious asses (with a few exceptions) I'm sick of the moronic burecracy , the toadiness of my fellow students who take every chance to fawn at the proffessors
its all just ........ bleugh . but then im already in my second year and starting all over again is going to mean ive pretty much wasted two years sans achieving anything tangible or significant
im am enjoying my journalistic work , despite that most of what i am writing is basically mindfluff but then i am only 18 so what can i realistically excpect ? but still (cue self pitying snivelling) I'm mortally afraid that all my high and mighty literary hopes are nothing but self delusion and that i'll end up a great big ghastly mediocrity (a fate i will not dwell on for fear of arousing dormant suicidal thoughts )
i hate the fact that my parents expectations of me have dwindled so pathetically (due to lacklustre grades amongst other things)
blah blah blah
you know what after writing this , i realize what a wretched silly im being , my problems are really quite piffling and i really oughtnt bore the few people who read this blog
but sometimes the little stupidties acquire a ludicrous significance and they threaten to engulf you unless you tell them to someone, even if to complete strangers
and now i have breaken my cardinal rule of not acting like a gushing , callow teenager with great aplomb
ah well

I apologize

finis twitiness