Sunday, January 28, 2007

the hebe returneth

hullo me lovelies
why is it i feel so strangely obliged to apologize to all and sundry for not blogging in so long
its most peculiar but I do in all probability some clever philosophy student will write a terribly unreadable treatise on it someday "moral obligation and cyber space " or something of the sort
with an infinitely less comprehensible title
life has been quite dull for the past few months . just studying law , pigging out or sleeping
the regular apres exam routine .
however i will return to regular blogging now that I have become a lady of lesuire ( to a limited extent since im helping my mother run her shop )
Its a new year and a fully intend to become a better version of myself and hopefully this blog will also emerge from the crysallis if i may presume to use such an awful metaphor
a belated happy new year to everyone !

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