Tuesday, February 06, 2007

a line im dying to put into one of my stories

its crude , its a little crass and so not like my usual writing style
i guess that why Im slightly obsessed with it

"life is a whore you want to fuck badly and she won't let you "

im being possessed by some awful character that is screaming to be written
ideas please !


kite_feifei said...
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thief520 said...
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Cerebrosus world said...

Well, blogging has its own magic. u write what u feel just when u feel it. this is the advantage of blogging. and u know what? play ur own favorite music then dance with ur pen/key board. yes thats it

jokerman said...

if you want to write stories, you will have to put every now & then an evil, immoral, conniving character..you cant have good characters that dont swear.
Now, you can write about a woman who uses her sexuality to get men to succumb to her demands, or this girl who hates her own family & dreams of hacking them up & getting rid of their bodies in hydrochloric acid to hide her crime & then claims innocence & gets away with murder...bad enough>?

Forsoothsayer said...

that sentence is utterly free of class, style and originality.

Maxxed`ouT said...

i had an idea then the fone rang and now i forgot it

hebe said...

yeah its ghastly , thats the point
things like that keep popping in my head and its driving me maaaaaaaaad

KareemFromEgypt said...

still obsessed with that line???

i know what it feels like to be obsessed by a certain character, actually i'm more obsessed by certain themes :)

email me if you need any help, i've been attempting writting for a while now.

or comment with more details about the kind of help you need, character development? plot? Dialouge.

inmotion said...

a whore will do anyone

a bitch will do anyone but you ..

thats life