Monday, February 26, 2007

5 things you didnt know about me

everyones doing it , cereberous world tagged me so what the hey !

1- I'm a mythology buff , I know most of the major pantheons by heart and most of the main myths .
Iin fact hebe is the greek godess of youth and the bearer of the gods ambrosia which endows them with eternal youth , she was also one of the wives of hercules . its utterly pointless esoteric knowledge but i find it fascinating

2- I spent half of my childhood in Namibia , a small country in southern Africa , I learnt both swahili and afrikaans there ,however i can't remember much of either language !

3- I hate talking on the phone , i feel awkward and buffonish and hence tend to ramble on idiotically to cover my self conciousness

4- I am a secret "phan" of the phantom of the opera , ever since i saw the play in the west end in london, since then i have read the original novel by gaston leroux (as well as a few of the dozens of spinoffs ) and play the soundtrack constantly . my favorite song is " music of the night"

5- I played the violin for 7 years , then one day i realized i was horrifically crap at it and decided to spare innocent listeners from mutilated renderings of swan lake (which i was exceedingly fond of playing) I sometimes wonder if i should have just practised a little harder .


Cerebrosus world said...

well, u told world 5 things nobody knows. Would u talk about ur experience in Africa in a series of posts.

Thank you so much

Jayda said...

Nice list. I second Cerebrosus, you should write about your time in Africa :)

What is it with our generation and playing musical instruments? I used to play the trumpet and I gave it up because the spit valve gave me the creeps.

Joey M. said...

Egypt's technically in Africa...

Ravine85 said...

Mythology? Namibia? The violin? Wow, I'm totally and utterly impressed. I have a friend who's obsessed with the phantom, too. Apparently, there are a lot of you gals!

Cerebrosus world said...

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