Thursday, July 20, 2006

my dearest family

my best beloveds
despite the fact you are the prop of my oterwise miserable exsistence ,i feel disinclined to like you when when you force me to do things that are akin to chinese torture
i.e washing the juicer after you have made something like a litre of grape juice
the prime perpetrator of this travesty upon my sanity is ..... papa
do you realize ma chere how impossibbly revolting it is to empty the dispenser of a mass of pulpy grape remants that are somewhat remiscent of troll poo.
but you must realise its not just that , do you realize how many peculiar jigmabobs a juicer contains ? all needing to be washed and dried most carefully so our tongues dont fall out the next time we metamorph into health freaks (which is lasts for about a day) . moreover i have to clean the sink because after the intense scrubbing session it takes on the appearance of a petri dish with samples of alien life forms. and of all chores in the world that has to be the most digusting.
and then mummy will come and critique ever single movement related to the cleansing process
and thus make me doubly miserable
and naturelment my lovely sis will have conveniently vanished to unknown regions .
god i hate washing the juicer!

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