Sunday, August 27, 2006

so it seems i am a bimbo

The Sandmonkey said...
Being the frontline in the war between the US and Iran, and being a shia powerhouse in the region!

evidently i did not express myself clearly . i meant that i fail to see what strategic good can come of this war in the short term (other than getting the prisoners back blah blah which seems like merely a excuse for warmongering ) except perhaps bothering israel which will in turn bother the Us which is iran's objective ( this is assuming that iran is backing hezbollah which is more than probable) but where can they go from here?
an attempted 'liberation' of israel ? the implantation of a shia government in lebanon? (civil war again? )in short how do they intend to become a"shia powerhouse " as the sandmonkey put it
ok they now have a huge fanbase in the mideast they are having praise heaped on them for military brilliance etc.. nothing seems predictiable as I see it

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