Sunday, October 01, 2006

a taste of hebe

i was cleaning out my drawers yesterday when i found the remants of my very ambitious poetry project . rather grandiosely entitled "songs of adolscence"
i was 13 when i started it, but as always life (and laziness)got in the way and i never finished it .
so for your amusement here are two of my darling grotesques as i affectionately term them.

this dawn
so clear
like the spectrum on a glass
like an overturned paintbox
splashes of colour against the rapidly blueing canvas of sky
they overlap each other
each vying to boast their beauty
vain peacocks on a rose strewn path
the clouds float across the sky
like listless bloated sheep
their fleeces delicately tinged
by the tawny suns warm rays
see how it rises
beaming upon cold earth

the birds outstretch their wings
and in gods heavens fly
while people walk on by
unaware of their artless beauty
they shuffle in the streets
their faces solemnly creased
and i wonder
if their souls ; like caged birds
yearn to be released
to devour the glories of this life
this banquet ,this feast

long distance friendship

only snippets of the whole remain
a friendship where nothing is to be lost or to be gained
reduced to the fundamentals
just plain talk and stories shared
no fights, loans
mingled tears and laughter
just advice about living and love
and we've gone on with that
curious thing-life
constant with the passing hours
regardless of our parting
love still persists
strange isnt it
our heats are bound only by words

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Maxxed`ouT said...

That's pretty good for a 13 years old ...