Saturday, October 07, 2006

a warning to all (espeacially in nasr city area)

oh what a horrid day this has been !
my sister was at home alone today when a chap comes up with the bawabs son . he says he's come to look at the gas meter etc etc. seems safe enough .
anyway he goes into the kitchen and peers at it then asks my sister for a chair to look at it closer, while she is doing this he grabs her hips and tries to kiss her ! my sister didnt lose her cooland punched him and then shoved him out . the dumbass bawabs son just stood there and let the man go! my poor sister is still terribly shaken .
anyhow if anyone claims to be the gas meter reader ask him to show his id . and if he says he works for a private company . the he's a thief/conman/potential rapist be espeacially careful if you live in the nasr city area cos thats where that bastard and his gang is still on the prowl

its fucking unbelievable


Will E. said...

When a woman's in the house.. she doesn't need to open to any stranger no matter who he is.. just give him the sodding reading or ask him to come back later.. it's very dangerous.. opening a door is not supposed to be a normal process, it's actually the exception .. so choose who you open to.

Mo said...

*eyes widen* Fucking A.. The nerve of some people.. The motherfucker should have his balls stapled to his nose.

Mo said...

Do excuse my French..

فانتوماس said...

Thanks for the info, I live there too, I'll kick the ass of anybody claiming to enter my house for reading the Gas.

asiatown77 said...

I had a student in Poland who was on vacation in Egypt and was offered a camel if she would marry a black-toothed elderly gentleman.