Saturday, November 11, 2006

the stand

its seems a wee bit late to post about the stand . but the apatmentsLAN coordinator is an utter ass . O, if you ever find this blog just wanna let you know YOU ARE AN ASS and stop hitting on my sister you creep SHE AINT INTERESTED!!!!

but I digress,

anyway , this was the first demonstaration i have ever participated in (and this was only because I snuck out of the house under false pretences ) I was as is my scaredy cat wont extremely nervous before going so i read surat el nissa , sang ave maria
and prayed to every female deity that popped into my head (im not one to take chances as you can tell) i got there and stood for a bit slightly flabbergasted (espeacially at the seemingly endless row of amn dawla)then a friend came along with a sign and people started showing up
what a mixed crowd ! everyone from kifaya activists to foreign AUC students and lucky old moi got to meet mona el tahawy . she is so unbelievably nice !
again i digress

i have only one complaint , i didnt like the political turn the demonstration took , i thought we should have concentrated on the issue at hand that being the eid molestations and the social indifference to sexual harassment in our streets . otherwise it was well organized , the turnout was good and there was a lot of journalists prowlingabout . Ionly hope the message gets to people . Also i got home in one piece and did not have to use either my pepper spray or my telescope baton which was a relief .

i would like to thank nerro for getting it all together and everyone else who was involved in organizing it ! you guys rock


Forsoothsayer said...

i wish i'd heard about this! i can't believe no one told me.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I didn't know u were that nervous :)
Girl, you sounded so excited and cheery over the phone :D
Thanks a lot for the support, get ready ba2a for the next event. Bas don't worry, no more stands :D

hebe said...

forsooth : ya sheikha !

nerro: it was just the night before that i was super nervous , i have an awful tendency to believe that the worst will usually happen (murphys law y'know)