Thursday, March 22, 2007

ex- first ladies - what on earth do they do with their time?

the other day I went to help my mother man her stall at the diplomats club annual bazzar ,
now I find helping my mother at bazaars an exceedingly amusing experience as its the best people watching you can do , I espeacially love going to ones organized by the rotary club because basically theyre all a bunch of rich pretentious twits who pose and preen endlessly- a show of the most idiotic specimens of humanity who despite being garbed from head to toe in chanel will haggle with you on an 18l.e tea cosy (real incident)
well the diplomats bazaar as always was a highly tedious affair as not that many people bother to come and those who do are mostly old crones who mess up the scarf display and end up buying zilch . but this one was the exception as no other than Gihan el Sadat showed up with a very snooty but chic lebanese lady diplomat . it was very interesting to watch how everyone reacted to her presence
spines straightened , big idiotic grins were plastered on and the fawning began .
i hate to admit this but i felt a bit of a duff as i was atired in jeans with torn hems a very grotty turqoise kaftan but this is not peculiar for me as any celebrity encounters i have tend to see me
looking like something of a guttersnipe . like the infamous occassion where i dined with my father at la trattoria and bumped into both Ahmed ramzy and Omar el Sherif swilling whisky with water .
I had just come out of an exam and was wearing a oversize white sweatshirt much worse for wear after 3 hours in a dirty cairo university lecture hall and those wretched jeans with the torn hems ! not a good look for meeting matinee idols whom one had a schoolgirlish crush on.
but i digress
anyway madame sadat passed by our humble stall and very nicely shook hands with mama and me and took a cursory look at our wares "hagatgom meshkhala awy!"
and then she toodled off . and thus ended my tete a tete with the first real egyptian first lady
which lead me to wonder about the pecularity of the job of first lady
but thats a subject for another post


Maxxed`ouT said...

"meshkhala" ?!

Joey M. said...

Yeah, that one I couldn't figure out either. "Your things are very... ?"

hebe said...

i suck at arablish !i meant meskhla3a
and yes she really did say that to me!

Forsoothsayer said...

not a very first lady word khales.

i seriously have a you put spaces before and after punctuation marks as a statement of equality? cos that would be cool.

hebe said...

can i pretend i do ? (as opposed to the reality which is i have wretched punctuation due to my going to 7 different schools thus mucking up both my mathematical and punctuating abilities)to be honest i didn't even noticed i did that