Tuesday, October 30, 2007

3amar ya masr

during this week i have seen
1- a long bearded mullah type in gallabeya riding a harley davidson
2- a taxi sporting a single ostrich plume in its baggage holder - a la cyrano de bergerac
3- a fellow on scooter with one shib-shibed foot apparently holding down the boot of a white ford fiesta , he looked very curiously like a dog peeing against a tree
4- in the middle of gameat el dowal street a donkey half keeled over , peeing while the fellow riding the caretta blithely examines his nails
5-el amn el markazy (the egyptian version of S.W.A.T) surrounding cairo university despite the lack of a demonstration

life is so sweetly surreal


base said...

haha, good stuff. u have to admit though, it's awesome to be living in this parallel dimension known as cairo. Never boring...

Ravine said...

Lol no.3 made me choke on my coffee. Stuff that makes you wanna pinch yourself repeatedly while walking down the street , doesn't it?

Forsoothsayer said...

hey, cairo on its own is a reason to blog.

Osiris Kane said...

btw... Amn Markazi aka central security is not the Egyptian Version of SWAT...it is the Egyptian Version of the National Guard

The Egyptian Version of SWAT is Kowaat Khasa aka Special Forces..they are subordinates of the Ministry of Interior

hebe said...

base and forsooth - so true

osiris - woops!