Sunday, May 04, 2008

amusing thought

if I were to weigh the amount of things I have to study, I'd say (roughly) that I have to study around two kilos of legalties . Imagine that, bearing two kilos worth of knowledge in my wee little head , its certainly a mercy that knowledge has no physical weight . we'd all be walking around with heads the size of the Easter Island statues .

yes I have gone daft from lack of sleep


Mo said...

So after any period of mental stagnation your head would shrink, wouldn't it? You could actually see/feel yourself rgetting stuff on a regular basis, but perhaps not know what exactly. Scary.

Diets and "My, have you lost weight!"-conversations would take on entirely new meanings.

Unless of course there is no such thing as truly forgetting, and everything gets dumped into one's subconscious in one form or the other.

And how heavier would my head become through getting to know someone?

Would some revelations carry more weight than others? Could a person, by sharing something with me, quite possibly (and quite literally) bowl me over?

Interesting thought, Mademoiselle Hebe. Staggering are the implications, haha.

marooned84 said...

that's one of the craziest ideas I've read or heard in quite some time! hope u did manage 2 thrust those 2 kilos in ur head!