Sunday, July 30, 2006

losing my religion

its times like these that make me want to give up not just on islam but organized religion in general . i'm so tired of the endless killing , the endless tears the endless misery . when will it stop? when nasrallah is dead ? according to the sandmonkey that doesnt mean the end of hizbuallah . when israel is scraped off the map ? that i think will never happen the israelis are too resilent .
funny that all this barbarity springs from religion ,
which is supposed to elevate the soul of man , to teach kindness and compassion and understanding . isn't religon about that ? isnt basically a moral code by which to live a decent and moral life ?
i no longer see any morality and to be frank decency is stone cold dead
i could never be an atheist as i do believe in the exsistence of some higher creator being . as it seems illogical that our twisted exsistence doesnt have some profounder purpose than fucking and murdering each other
at the moment agnosticism is begining to look very congenial
agnosticism is tolerant of others , no-one is an infidel /heathen doomed to the fiery brimstone scented bowels of hell
agnosticism leaves room to believe in a creator being and anything else in fact
agnosticism is intellectually honest - its main teachings are who knows? and its possible
tell me one evil thing done in the name of agnosticism ?
as for religon ....... countless
the spanish inquistion , the death of gandhi , sabra and shatila , the salem witch trials etc etc
and now lebanon .
this is a difficult time to believe but still im trying to cling to the tattered remants of my faith
on a lighter note if i go agnostic im not doomed if i have premarital sex !
and now tell me agnosticism is bad !


The Sandmonkey said...


forsoothsayer said...

who ever said it was about religion? it's nice to see that western and israeli propaganda has taken root. religion is just a convenient tool to mobilize the masses against injustice.

Carmen said...

Ditto to what forshooth said.
This (and the Salem witch hunts, the expulsion of the Muslims and Jews from Spain in 1492, the Columbian massacre soon aftewards, etc, etc) has never been about religion.

hebe said...

so what was it about ? was it purely political ? i dont see (in you're a very bewildering person foorsooth , you live in the west , youve been educated in the west , you (apparently correct me if im wrong) have a jewish boyfriend and yet you seem very ambivalent towards it. nonetheless im pleased youve commented as im a big fan of all your blogs

forsoothsayer said...

it is precisely my western education and whatnot that has allowed me to realize when people are trying to bamboozle me into blaming religion for socio-political injustices. it's not about being "pro-western" or whatever. God, i can't believe i had to say that to an educated person. i can't believe for the millionth time i have to say you don't have to be for or against anything.

hebe said...

im not for or against anything
and im not blaming religon in its entirety just certain aspects of it that cause viciousness. when religion should bring out what is kindest and best in mankind but very often it has been manipulated
by the unscruplous for terrible ends. the road of moderation has always appealed to me and agnostcism seems to be just that .
it is not of a patrichal and dictatorial nature . and pretty much leaves you to make peace with god in your own way . mind you im still finding my bearings .im not a fully fledged anything