Thursday, August 17, 2006

adolscent miseries

life can truly be a grease slathered rusty bucket of shit sometimes
for the past week i have been battling with
1- the fact that i'll have to repeat my first term of law school because my arabic is crappy(first term is entirely in arabic) and because my mother imbued me with a concsience and hence i cannot cheat which sort of makes me mad because people twenty times more incomptent than iam managed to pass because they did cheat

2- a swollen eye which makes me look like something our of b-horror flick

3- the fact that said eye may have to be operated on if the swelling doesnt go down by the end of the week

4-i havent been paid for three months of work - im starting to get the disturbing feeling that im being ripped off because im 17 and hence people assume im naive and unlikely to ask for my rights

5- my arabic tutor is quite possibly beezlebub himself sans any form of panache or rakish charm just a vicious desire to make me as miserable as is possible

6- my mother wants me to reduce my current weight (66 kg) to (in my humble opinion) a slighty freakish 50 and has increased her nagging capacities hundredfold . the consumption of bread at this juncture is now considered to be worse than murder

oh well at least there is a ceasefire in lebanon though god knows how long that will last or if anything will come of it

sigh sigh sigh..........................................

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forsoothsayer said...

man...ur mom is mean! 50 eh di kaman.