Saturday, September 02, 2006

an evening with ragheb alama

are'nt i a lucky gal (occasionally life does come up trumps)
yesterday evening i was diniing avec daddy , little sis , dads best friend and his utterly adorable blonchen wife . we were ravenously wolfing down copious amounts of sushi
when lo and behold who do you think sits down at the table right next to us .
ragheb alama ! the lebanese singer
uncroyable eh non?
well my fathers pal happens to be in the foreign affairs ministry and knows our ambassador in lebanon who just happens to be to be a friend of M. Alama
so he lured him into a chat !
i must say he is a very charming man and very congenial company .
come to think of it he is the first lebanese person i have ever met .(interesting)
we talked about lebanon naturally . he kept encouraging us to visit soon saying things will perk up soon enough etc etc.
im not a huuuuge fan of his mind you . but his music is pleasant enough
an unexcpectedly pleasant evening


Anonymous said...

remember the "albi 3she2ha" hype?!! was a big fan back then till I think five years ago...ba3den bekh..I even stopped listening to his songs for no obvious reason. The idea of him around is really cool though :D

Maxxed`ouT said...

dude ragheb is so gay !

Faisal said...

I thought Ragheb 3alama was Jordanian. So he isn't?