Monday, September 11, 2006

things i want(and will do!)

have been feeling so terribly lazy about blogging so to motivate myself im going to make a list of skills i want to learn and things i want to do, in no particular prder

1- learn to belly dance like a pro
2- learn to play the drums( i used to play the violin but as i usually produced a sound akin to a cat being skinned alive i decided to quit) the drums seem less complicated
3-take a proper makeup course (i have the dexterity of a blind toad when it comes to makeup)
4-learn to sew so i can make at least one of my endless dress /clothing designs
5- learn spanish , portugese and Italian
reasons why :
spanish: me aimo those lovely latino chicos
portugese:relatively close to spanish so why the hell not
Italian: i love the opera , it would be nice to understand things without constantly refering to the program
6- improve my french so i can read les fleurs de mal and colette with ease
7- go bungee jumping
8- take more sailing courses
9- finish my very lengthy must read list
10- take art classes i dont think i'll rise above mediocrity when it comes to drawing but who knows
11- read more arabic novels(any suggestions?)
12- go on my grand cairene tour - i.e visit the lesser known historical monuments in cairo
13- volunteer for a charitable cause
14- buy my father the harley davidson hes always wanted
15- take my mother to India
16- try to find out what happened to my childhood friends in south africa
17-visit my friends in england and my best friend who is studying in yugoslavia
18- put a bouquet of lillies and sunflowers on the tomb of oscar wilde which is in the pere lachaise cemetry in paris
19- write my first novel before i turn 20
20- learn how to bake bread

what about you? what do you aspire to do?


Homer said...

*ahm* ... isn't Yougoslavia ..a country no more? :D

Well really kool .. I mean I'd love to do the same liek write down everything I want to do. It's such a kool idea. On the Arabic novels I totaly agree .. just recnetly I devided to read Ya3kobian before watching the movie and I enjoyed to the max... it was like the first Arabic novel to read fully and I liked! So me too I am looking for that .. I donno why but I don't want to go the Naguib Ma7fooz way .. I know the guy was brilliant and all .. but I donno .. I think most of his stories are stuck in a time so distant for me .. that I wont be able to relate too...

I'd rather go to bed .. me too sleepy ...

hebe said...

my gosh how stupid of me
i mean serbia!

Gee said...

I like the idea of writing your own novel :)
In case someday you get suggestions about arabic novels you may blog them as it is not easy to find a source to figure out though I heard that banat el riyadh is something to be read.

Maxxed`ouT said...

belly dancing .. i totally back u up on that ... i think any potentiel wife of mine is gonna have to pass a belly dancing test ... mediocre skills would not be accepted !

I do share a couple with you :
- learn italian .. such a beautiful language , it oozes life .. i feel italian gives a sentence a whole different new dimension !
- cairene tour .. i hope i get up off my ass and do it in this lifetime . I'm such a lazy bum and i lack companionship in regards to that manner .
- backpaking in India ... a long supressed fantasy of mine .. got nothing to do with me mom tho !

and maybe i can help you with a couple

improve your French that's one
and i could go pay your respects to mr.Wilde thats two !

Ryan and Amanda said...

I've started a yahoo group for intermediate to advanced speakers and I
thought you might be interested. I think it can be really benificial
to those who are studying castellano. There are vocab lessons,
articles, videos, and some other cool stuff. Check it out:

Nos vemos!

margarita59 said...


new Spanish book there