Tuesday, September 19, 2006

minor irritation

a conversation between moi and s a new aquaintance

me- so tell me do you have a favorite book/books

s- of course the holy quran

me- you read it all?

s- ummmm no

me- hows it your favorite book then

s- (looks at me blankly) its the word of god

me - and ?

s- blushes and changes the conversation

honestly! is it just me or has piety become something of a fashion statement , please people dont go all smart ass and tell me your favorite book is the quran full stop

hebe's reasons why this is highly irritating and somewhat obnoxious

1- it seems to indicate you have not heard of another book let alone read one
2- the sickening holier -than-thou attitude people assume when they tell you that
3- if you dont like books just say it ! big deal but stupid and obvious pretense is just plain old irritating
4-the whole im -mentioning a religous topic hence you cannot argue or question it is dogma and hence to obeyed blindly. fuck you very much and have a lovely day you hell bound pysychopath

mind you if someone has read the entire koran and finds it to be truly to be a book to last several lifetimes . then kudos to you ! but its hard to take it from a silly empty headed little chit who has the cranial capacity of a walnut .


Maxxed`ouT said...

dude i love walnuts ....

Maxxed`ouT said...

and since we're on the topic ... what's your fav book ?

hebe said...

oooh thats a hard one , books are l'essense de ma vie , but orlando by virginnia woolf is something i could read over and over again
as are the complete works of oscar wilde. my god i would give my soul to have the wit and the brilliance of oscar wilde

hebe said...

what about you?

Maxxed`ouT said...

"Le Petit Prince" by Saint-Exupery ...
I love to flirt with this book!

Mo said...

Ay kallam fe ay kallam. This form of 'piety' gets on my nerves bigtime.