Saturday, September 23, 2006

pscyhological damage

Today i witnessed something of an extremely disturbing nature .
i was reading in the car waiting for maman to buy some last minute ramadan stuff
all was well in the world (relatively speaking) then this chap comes walking along with two of his friends a seemingly mundane sight , then suddenly he unbuckles , unzips etc.and puts his hand inside his pants to rearrange what the brits term his meat and two veg! i shit you not ! then rezips . all this while walking down the street ! his friends didnt even blink ! i repeat , i shit you not dear people
im not entirely lacking in empathy , i myself would find it disconcerting to have fleshy apendages dangling betwixt my legs all the time . But come on! there is a thing known as a public toilet , or even a seculded alleyway ! jeez!
if i were to rearrange my boobs in public there would be a hue and a cry and a possible lynching ! (not to mention a horde of rabid and sexually repressed men) but since its a bloke not a word was uttered !
i dont think i can bring myself to shake hands with a man after this incident

the moral of this sad little tale is ; gents keep your hands away from the vicinity of your phallus for fear of disturbing impressionable young ladies .

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Forsoothsayer said...

i wrote an almost identical post to this...