Saturday, September 23, 2006

S.O.S music festival

due to sheer stupidity i forgot to blog about the marvellous time i had at the s.o.s music festival last friday
but since im feeling a little grumpy as i have to go disember a freakishly huge pumpikin/squash i'll keep it brief .
it was beautifully organized ,espeascially since it was a free event , the weather , hot as usual
the music : FAB (and not just because my friend omar plays drums for moodshift) (though he is wickedly good) .
to be honest it was just nice to dance around in the sunshine with congenial company . it was a lovely way to celebrate the (supposed) end of summer . check out beautiful creatures of the male species or just sunbathe
i heard they'll be repeating the event on a monthly basis , i strongly reccomend going espeacially if you are a constantly broke student such as myself

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