Sunday, November 19, 2006

new James Bond movie - a review

oooooh , ahhhhhhh wowzers yum yum droooool ursula andress eat your heart out
(shamless and pointless ogling now over with)

Well I must say this is probably one of the best Bond movies I have seen in a while ( though the soundtrack sucks on an infinite number of levels)
some like my beloved maman might disagree violently with me for one or more of the following reasons
1) daniel craig looks like a thug (wot!)
2)there are only two bond girls and one dies waaay too soon (fathers complaint)
3) where are the gadgets ? where the hell is Q
4) he's suposed to be in a suit all the time
5) he's supposed to come out of all his fights unscathed not looking like something that just came out of the butchers

well i think that the above reasons are exactly why I liked this film . bond movies were starting to become terribly formulaic , it was about time for a return to reality (just a wee bit)
and the original books.
you see along with a rather insane prediliction for shoes i have i nherited from my father a love for the original james bond novels (we have all of them incidentally) and finally i have seen a film that has the feel of the novels . And a James Bond that is uncanilly like the one of the novels (except for the blond hair)
so thumbs up !


Reel Fanatic said...

I have to agree with you that Daniel Craig turned out to be just right for this one, and I hope he's gloating to all the haters who lined up against him

jokerman said...

Daniel Craig is a brilliant actor, though i am not sure whether he fits Bond as we know it, but the only actor to have played the characater as it was written by Ian flemming was timothy dalton. As a kid i liked roger moore but in my late teens i realised he actually did not fit the role. Who is your favourite bond & which film do you think was the best.

Sou said...

I never liked James Bond, never will :p

hebe said...

timothy dalton ! with that ridiculous fedora ! my favorite bond would probably be sean connery, ye gods what suavity ! film oooh would have to be octopussy its so incredibly camp
what about you ?

jokerman said...

Sean connery was excellent BUT, i cannot forget his thick accent that throws the british agent particular out the window, so i'd go for Pierce Brosnan who still managed to pull the difficulty of being dangerous & looking tough while suave, & capable of the womanising & the foten little jokes superbly.
Timothy Dalton's problem was as an actor , he was too big for the for best film, gee...i have a few, Octopussy had a great start to the film & maud adams was one of the few memorable Bond women i adore, but id have to go for The spy who loved me & Goldeneye.
what about the best Bond villain & theme song?? choices will be harder now huh? :)