Sunday, November 19, 2006

a shura council of muslim women

this is very interesting news
I'm very curious to see whether this council will change anything in our societies, not just general misogny but Muslim womens perceptions of themeselves .
come to think of it wouldnt life be so very very different if all muslim clerics were women ......

just my mind boggling fantasy of the day


jokerman said...

women shura council? HAHAHAHAHAHA....oh my my, that was really funny, hmm, dont the scholars repeat like a damn sedated parrot that women cannot rule or govern or become judges cos they lack in faith & in mind capabilities? It is just another feeble attempt to fool outsiders into thinking women have a shura council, they are not oppressed in any way.

Tarek said...

Yeah, one of the main problems for women here, is that the religious authority is an only men place.