Sunday, January 28, 2007

a new matriarchy

I read about this a while ago , though I honestly can't remember where
the washington post has a good if old article about it
umoja womans village

stories like this give me hope , that long ingrained cultural misogyny doesnt have to fuck up your life .you may not be able to conquer it , to eradicate it but with bravery you can create a life for yourself , a full happy life and help other women too. I think its a wonderful model to help women in general espeacially women who have been abused by men and are in desperate need of somewhere to live .

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jokerman said...

misogyny or male chauvinism? both are unfair & ugly. Like racism it wont be an easy task to eradicate but it can be reduced, by responsible upbringing. I did not go to the link, this is a quick visit.