Monday, March 26, 2007

when freedom dies

so this it ....our so called plebiscite day . God I feel too miserable to write anything coherent , everything just makes me feel ghastly because this is just a great big bloody farce . the slick instructions in el Ahram on how to vote , the platitudes and the godawful chirpiness of normal life that just rolls on
regardless of everything , of people languishing in jails after yesterdays demonstration . the hypocrisy of it all is just grotesque , the stupid stupid pretense about how this day will turn us into some great democratic nation . yes we proved how thoroughlly democratic we are just yesterday, how thoroughly tolerant we are . ha bloody ha , but honestly what is the solution ? what can I or anyone else do ? nothing except let anger and futility writhe inside us and drive us insane

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Cerebrosus world said...

We are passive people. and me also!!