Wednesday, August 06, 2008

a fool reflects

I wrote this on the back of my shariaa law notes to make me feel less bad about being a complete dumbass ! not my best but I hope all my fellow toe stubbers , tumblers and general clots enjoy it !

endless are the reams of paper
I could fill with graceful curlicue
about the humilations I have suffered
and put myself through
oh numberless the situations
by others terribly misconstrued
my life has been a series
of embrassments and foolishness
from which I emerged
an interesting shade of cerise
ah well I've survived and had many a laugh
at my thwarted loves and sad social gaffes
I've often thought (and this gives me much peace)
much in life is finite
people rarely please
too often sucess is under a lease
but you can be always be sure
that the adventures of a fool
never cease !


scribbled said...

the fool has more fun and learns more than the wise man - an obscure wise man might have said that.

hebe said...

or dapper young British-Egyptian bloggers ! :)