Monday, August 04, 2008

morning misanthropy

God I'm in such a foul mood this morning , humanity at large is pissing me off big time and I just need to rant ,rave and froth at the mouth a bit (N.B my complaints are not in any way novel , also great deal of swearing )
I'm so sick of my mother feeling terrified everytime I go down to catch a cab IN A FUCKING T-SHIRT , she's scared that some idiot will give me shit or I'll have the misfortune of riding with some insanely sexually repressed driver or something along those lines. So every morning for the last few days I've had to change into a long sleeved top to set her heart at ease and I'm sick of having my exsitence dictated by fear and others stupidities in this manner and if I hear one more story from my friends about being groped on a bus or hassled in any way I'm going to go beserker.KEFAYA BA2A ERHAMONA !!!!!! also I'm tired of cars slowing down when I stand alone on a pavement and stupid looking buggers peering at me hopefully , no I am not a hooker so kindly piss off elsewhere you chumps . grrrr
I'm sick of the victories of the corrupt and the greedy , I still can't believe the Al-Salam 98 ferry case verdict it's a horrible twisted joke of a verdict and no langauge has enough invectives for Mamdouh Ismail .
come to think of it today I feel like the number of people I loathe is almost countless .
today I hate (in no particular order)
1- rude waiters /Shop assistants in general
2- shitty friends who never bother to call
3- the greedy monady by el Ahly club
4- every single autocratic statesman in the world
5- people who pick their noses in traffic (we can see you , you twats)
6- the entire staff of the Rock cafe in Nasr city (NEVER EVER GO THERE)
7- smart asses who give me driving advice whilst going the wrong direction in a one way street
8- every single man I have ever known who has patted my shoulder , smirked and said "lets just be friends"
9-CEO'S of companies selling beauty products , fashion designers , Hugh Hefner and Fashion Magazine editors
10- Every single human being who has ever purposefully tried to make me feel like shit

At the moment I feel like going on a shin/testicle kicking spree

I'm tired of being nice , kind and empathising with people , so few deserve it really

I could go on , but I think I've vented a few decades worth of bile and annoyance

if you've read this , thank you for enduring my pissiness

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