Sunday, August 10, 2008

help needed

why on earth is the content thingymabobby at the bottom of the page , it refuses to budge , my god I am the most technologically inept adolescent on the face of the planet . Anyhows if anyone has any idea why my content bar or whatever its called is at the bottom of the page HELP !


Mo said...

The culprit seems to be the post "lady loves to dance (and find hat shops)". Try removing the image keda?

Hebe said...

grrrrr refuses to budge bardo, thanks for the advice though

Mo said...

Hm, well the image may not be the problem, but the problem still lies with the same post. If you click on "links to this post" below any random post or on the archives, the page returns to normal.

I have no idea why though. The blogging gods are perhaps offended by extremely nerdy/artsy fartsy posts?

Hey, maybe it's the warning, makes no sense, but yeah.. Computers..