Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the school of life (literally)

last year I read Alain de Bottons 'Essays on love" which was the most refreshing take on Love and philosophy , It's a dissection of a relationship both from a personal perspective and through deeply analytical philosophical reflections.it's one of my very favorite books so I was rather charmed to learn of the school of life which
which he helped found. I think it's a fascinating venture espeacially the idea of the dinner parties they plan to have amongst strangers ,I mean how cool is that , I am so thoroughly sick of inane conversations , and imagine that no akward silences no dullness . I half wish I could draw up a conversation menu like that when I go dine with my relatives.
I'd prohibit talk/gossip about other distant relatives of whose exsistence I was never aware of , insincere fawning , covert matchmaking, backbiting and any kind of talk regarding Egyptian celebrities this might result in complete silence but my god would't that be the most perfect kind of bliss ?

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