Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sei Shonagon post No#1

one of my obsessions (and there are a great many)is Japanese culture ,this obsession originated with my father who would tell me stories as a child about Samurai espeacially the legendary Miyamoto Musashi up till now one of my favorite books is Eiji Yoshikwa's fictionalization of Musashi's life
at any rate I soon started reading more about Japan and it's culture and still do , one of my most recent reads was Sei Shonagon's pillow book . which was basically a random collection of things she found interesting, gossip , poetry and lists. It struck me with the freshness and vitality of it's style . it seemed to me that had she lived in the present day it's very likely she would have had a blog.So in honour of her I'm going to start a string of posts based on her pillow book entries, just for fun

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silent observer said...

i think you're my twin who got lost somewhere :)
I also have a japanese culture obsession. It's recent though