Wednesday, September 03, 2008

dad-ism no 1

my father is an eminently quotable man, it could do with the fact he is a sort of hemingwayesque sort of fellow who is both an excellent shot ,hunter and hardcore drinker ( my father can legitimately tell stories about the time he hunted with masai tribesmen etc etc) and yet has a soft tender side , also he is a complete loon who will often suddenly start quoting Conan the barabarian or the begining part of flash gordon ( he espeacially likes the bit where emperor ming the merciless says " I like to play with things a while before annihilation” mwahahahah) (more about this later)
I think the world could benefit from the pearls of wisdom which my father very often chooses to bestow upon me (or exasperate me with) par example yesterday after fitar ,my dad always has the darkest most pungent expresso conceivable. Anyway he proffers it to me to smell then laughs and says "now thats what a real man smells like!" , "if you were ever to marry my dear ,make sure your husband smells of expresso ,cigars and whisky because only then will you know that he has a proper appreaciation for the good things in life" er right dad
Anyway expect more dad-isms tres soon!


marooned84 said...

well, I disagree strongly! cigars and coffee don't make a man!

but nonetheless, I think ur dad is worthy of a whole blog not just some posts! I took a fancy to him. he sounds like a man who would go on arguing till we both fall asleep and it's been ages since I met such people

Hebe said...

you're right he's quite a character , a little diffcult to live with sometimes but certainly extraordinary

gilda said...

that is SO cute. i love how you talked about your dad. kinda makes me miss mine and my whole family!